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Delivery Information - Outside of UK


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(For information on delivery within the UK click here.)

Outside the UK Delivery

We are delighted to receive orders from all over the world.

Deliveries to countries outside of the UK are sent by Royal Mail Airmail Delivery.

For your convenience, when you put items into the basket, the basket page tells you how much the delivery costs would be to all world postal zones.

We regret some items cannot be shipped outside of the UK (due to size, weight, power supply, etc.), these are identified in the detailed product description of the item.

To keep our overseas shipping secure but keep delivery costs to you as low as possible, we use a shipping cost calculated by the weight and destination of the goods, and use signed-for deliveries for orders weighing over 100 grammes. Postage is costed depending upon the delivery address as either Europe, USA/Canada, or Rest Of World. We will notify you of the method of delivery in the order dispatch email we send to you, and give you a tracking number where applicable.

Important: Delivery to the USA
Please note that some of our USA customers have told us recently that occasionally deliveries are getting delayed in US Customs. There is no actual problem with these orders, it's just that US Customs need a phone call from the intended recipient before they will release the orders (we do not know why). We are sorry that once orders have left the UK and arrived within the USA we cannot pursue these orders through the US Customs system on your behalf. We can provide you with shipping and tracking information to help you if you need.

Overseas Delivery Costs based upon Weight

Overseas delivery costs are calculated according to the total weight of all of your items and the postal zone of delivery. The weight bands are shown in the table below:

Max Weight Mainland Europe USA/Canada Rest of World
100g 2.85 5.25 5.65
200g 4.20 6.00 6.50
300g 4.75 9.10 9.80
400g 5.00 9.10 9.80
500g 5.60 9.10 9.80
600g 6.20 11.65 12.40
700g 6.75 13.80 12.40
800g 7.09 13.80 14.55
900g 7.59 13.80 14.55
1000g (1Kg) 8.09 13.80 14.55
1100g 8.59 14.80 15.75
1250g 9.39 14.90 15.75
1500g 10.59 17.42 17.55
1750g 11.89 19.76 19.50
2000g (2Kg) 13.09 21.92 22.00

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